Here are some common questions people have about Mini-Mole.
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To keep Mini-Mole out of closets or adjoining rooms, a threshold or similar barrier of 1/8″ or higher is enough to activate Mini-Mole’s bumper and keep your Mini-Mole out.​
To keep Mini-Mole away from hazardous areas such as boilers (Mini-Mole tanning beds?), you can apply black electrical tape by the object to avoid. As long as the floor isn’t black, the black tape will activate the fall sensors, and Mini-Mole will back off!


ou can buy Mini-Mole and accessories on our STORE page or on Amazon.com
Mini-Mole comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a one year limited warranty to cover any defects in materials or workmanship that may arise during normal non-commercial household use.

Functions & Use

No. Mini-Mole is a sweeper, not a vacuum cleaner. See below for reasons why this is a good thing (hint: small size, quiet operation, no dust bins to empty, etc.)
We suggest that you allow your Mini-Mole to clean for you about once per week. A weekly cleaning under your furniture—where only Mini-Mole can reach—is about right for most people.
The normal run time is 1 hour. See below to change this.
Within 5 seconds of pressing Mini-Mole’s “Power” button, you can change the cleaning duration by pressing its bumper. Each press on the bumper changes the duration—cycling between the following duration values:

1 Tap = 15 minutes
2 Taps = 30 minutes
3 Taps = 1 hour (default)
4 Taps = 2 hours
5 Taps = 3 hours

After each bumper press, Mini-Mole beeps 1-5 times to indicate the current duration setting. When there has been no change for 5 full seconds, Mini-Mole again beeps to indicate the current duration setting and starts cleaning your floor. The selected setting will be used for all future cleaning jobs until you change it to a different duration.

Mini-Mole is designed for cleaning fairly flat flooring surfaces. It works great on hardwood, laminate, tile (vinyl, ceramic, etc.), linoleum, marble, slate, and similar flooring materials. If you can easily shuffle your feet on the floor while wearing socks, then Mini-Mole can clean it!
No. The tiny size and light weight of the Mini-Mole prevents operation on carpets. Besides, carpets can’t really be swept or dusted!
No. Mini-Mole is small and light-weight so that it can get into and under areas with very little clearance, so it doesn’t have enough mass to pull a cleaning pad around on wet floors.

In the future, we may offer a version that can use cleaning fluids to clean your floors, and we may include other features—such as vacuuming, remote control, wireless charging, smartphone app control, etc.

For our first Mini-Mole model, we are focused on making an affordable and high-quality automatic floor cleaner that is easy to use and very easy to maintain.

No. Mini-Mole is designed for indoor use only. It can be damaged by moisture, rough surfaces, and other harsh conditions that are typically found outside of the home.
The easy answer is “randomization”, but in reality it is more complicated. Mini-Mole uses built in programming and multiple sensors to determine where to clean. Current sensor readings and recent events both have an effect on its actions. An upward-facing ultrasonic distance sensor helps Mini-Mole find and focus on areas that have low clearance. Collision detectors in the bumper help it to detect and avoid objects in its travel path.

Downward-facing infrared proximity sensors help Mini-Mole avoid falling off ledges. Custom programming helps it escape when it is in tight quarters or when it can’t move due to obstructions, loss of traction, or similar outside influences. Numerous built-in behaviors help Mini-Mole adjust to whatever conditions it finds itself in during a given cleaning job.

Mini-Mole will eventually find and clean under any object that it can get to. However, if there is a specific object or area that you want it to clean and you don’t want to wait for Mini-Mole to find it on its own, then you can place your Mini-Mole in front of the object or area—either before you start a cleaning job or while it’s cleaning.

If Mini-Mole is already running when you move it, note that it will detect when it is not on the floor and will try to backup and spin to get back on solid ground; for a few seconds after you place it in its new location, you may need to gently guide or redirect your Mini-Mole (for example, with your hand or your foot) to ensure that it goes where you want it to!

No. Mini-Mole should not fall down stairs. It has sensors in front of its wheels to detect ledges, so your Mini-Mole will back away and turn around when it encounters stairs or other ledges.
When it has finished a cleaning job, Mini-Mole will make sure that it is not under an object with low clearance and will then alternately sound its “finished” melody and flash the status light—to let you know where to find your Mini-Mole. These audible and visual cues will repeat for 15 minutes before it powers down automatically—although you can press the power button at any time to manually power down your Mini-Mole.
There is no fixed limit to the size of the area that your Mini-Mole cleans, but about 200 square feet (18.6 square meters) is the suggested limit. This coverage is enough to clean any bedroom, living room, den, dining room, or kitchen in a typical home. Additional Mini-Moles can always be used to clean larger areas!

Care & Maintenance

Other than replacement of the disposable cleaning pads, Mini-Mole doesn’t normally require cleaning or other maintenance. If you wish, you can gently wipe it with a disinfecting wipe occasionally

Never apply liquids directly to your Mini-Mole—it is not water resistant and may be damaged if liquids get inside.

Most other automated floor cleaners require quite a bit of maintenance to ensure continued operation. Mini-Mole is virtually maintenance free!

Disposable cleaning pads are intended for one-time use. However, they can be used until you feel that they really have to go. At some point, they will have collected so much dust, fur, and debris that you just wouldn’t feel right not switching to a new cleaning pad. You may be surprised to see how much dust gets in the small spaces under furniture!
Mini-Mole has been designed to operate in dusty environments, so the silicone tires are usually able to regain traction through normal operation. If, however, they encounter grease or a similar substance, you may want to gently wipe the tires with a wet wipe or a dry paper towel.
A fully charged Mini-Mole normally runs for about 3 to 4 hours before a recharge is required. The included NiMH rechargeable battery can be recharged about 1,000 times. If your Mini-Mole is recharged once per week, then the battery could last for over 19 years!
If you charge your Mini-Mole for 1 hour, you should get about 2 hours of run time; several hours of charging (or overnight charging) will provide the maximum run time of up to 4 hours.
We recommend that you leave your Mini-Mole plugged into the charger whenever it isn’t busy cleaning your floors so that it will be ready for you to use at any time. If you would rather not do this, then you can plug it into the charger the night before you expect to use your Mini-Mole.
Mini-Mole may be fun to watch, but it is not a toy. It’s gentle and light-weight so it will not hurt children, but it contains small parts (the tires) and it can get quite dirty, so we don’t recommend leaving children unattended around your Mini-Mole or allowing children to play with it.
It depends on the pet. Mini-Mole Sweeper is gentle and shouldn’t hurt pets that are at least as “large” as a Mini-Mole, but we don’t recommend leaving pets unattended around your Mini-Mole. If you seek repair or replacement of a Mini-Mole that has been half-eaten or that is seen as the prey in a gone-viral YouTube “dog attacks Mini-Mole” video, then it will likely be at your expense!
Absolutely! Mini-Moles work well together—especially when there is a lot of area to cover. More Mini-Moles mean more cleaning, more coverage, and more amusement for their owner!

Other FAQs

Yes, but, Mini-Mole is intended for non-commercial household use only. You may use it commercially, but we may not provide our usual warranty protection for a Mini-Mole that is used commercially. If you are interested in a version of Mini-Mole for commercial use, then please let us know on our Feedback Form!
No! Mini-Mole is very quiet. You can talk on the phone, watch TV, or just chill while it’s cleaning your home. Other automatic floor cleaners are so loud that you might think that there are construction workers jack-hammering the pavement outside! (seriously)
Probably. Mini-Mole helps prevent build-up of dust, fur, and other debris, and it specializes in cleaning areas that are hard to reach, but it does not replace all of your current cleaning tools. Mini-Mole is a wonderful companion to a vacuum—completing the job that a bulky and noisy vacuum cannot do on its own!

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